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frozen shoulder

The medical diagnosis for frozen shoulder is Adhesive Capsulitis, which effects the shoulder joint (glenohumeral joint) and specifically the shoulder joint capsule, which is the connective tissue surrounding the joint. With this condition you typically feel stiffness, generalized restricted range of motion, inflammation and chronic pain.

Adhesive Capsulitis does not have an exact cause or a definitive rhyme or reason why it may develop, however once you proceed to experience the symptoms they may last for 5 months to up to 3 years depending on the severity.


Jenns 6 InjuriesAdhesive Capsulitis is a chronic problem that may become frustrating for people as it usually leads to slow recovery and constant disability.  The term Frozen comes from the experience of pain that discourages people to move the arm. This unwillingness to move the arm due to pain “freezes” the joint in position. The freezing is a build up of adhesions (fibrous bands)  in the joint capsule that restrict motion and increase pain and inflammation.


Here at Full Function Rehab & Wellness Clinic in Woodbridge, Vaughan, ON we target Adhesive Capsulitis in many ways using manual techniques, rehabilitation and nutritional supplements and chiropractic as ways of treating the entire problem. Treatment is customised to the individual needs however they follow the same guidelines to improve range of motion and decrease pain.


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written by: Dr. Giuseppe Caruana


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