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Improve Your Mobility and Support Your Joints with Our High-Quality Braces.

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  • Accelerated recovery
  • Enhanced mobility
  • Reduced pain

Unleash Your Full Potential!

  • Accelerated recovery
  • Enhanced mobility
  • Reduced pain

Why Choose Our Joint Braces?

At Full Function Rehab & Wellness, we specialize in providing a wide range of joint braces to help our patients in Woodbridge, Vaughan, and surrounding areas. Our custom-fit braces offer the support and stability you need to return to your daily activities or improve your sports performance with confidence.

Our carefully selected range of joint braces offers you:

  • Accurate fit and optimal performance for various joint types.
  • Rigid or flexible structural support for daily activities or sports.
  • Expert advice and guidance to find the best brace for your needs.

We provide braces for all joints, including:

  • Ankle
  • Knee
  • Hip
  • Wrist
  • Elbow
  • Shoulder
  • Patella
  • Thigh
  • Back
  • Hand

Our variety of shapes, sizes, and brands ensures that you’ll find the perfect brace for your unique body type and level of support required.

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Complimentary Consultation and Joint Brace Fitting

Not sure which joint brace is right for you? No problem! Book a complimentary consultation with Dr. Caruana at our Woodbridge, Vaughan clinic. During your consultation, our experts will assess your needs and recommend the most suitable brace to help you achieve your health goals.

Don’t forget, with a Medical Doctor Prescription, your joint brace may be covered by your insurance – make sure to bring your prescription to our clinic.

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Don’t Let Joint Pain Hold You Back – Get the Support You Need Today

Experience the difference that our high-quality joint braces can make in your life. Call us at (905) 264-0442 or Book Online to schedule your complimentary consultation today. Let us help you get back to your full function and enjoy a more active, pain-free lifestyle.


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