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The minute you feel neck pain, it can feel like your world abruptly stops. The pain oftentimes interferes with day-to-day activities, leaving you discouraged. Neck pain is common amongst those who spend a good deal of time working at desks or looking at screens.

Sitting with poor posture can strain your neck, as can hunching over a desk for extended periods of time. Additionally, a wide range of activities put additional stress on your neck muscles and tendons — everything from putting your arms over your head to carrying something heavy.

As a matter of fact, for most people, neck pain is a fairly common condition. We know this due to the fact that, in a recent survey, almost fifty percent of all adults stated they ‘d experienced some type of neck ache within the past 12 months alone!

Fortunately, there’s a safe and useful solution that may help you overcome this annoying and uncomfortable ache: chiropractic care. Chiropractic therapy can help reduce the tension on your neck and even decrease the risks of developing more serious conditions like whiplash or cervical spine issues.

Continue reading to discover 4 ways that a doctor of chiropractic care can lessen or remove neck ache– and why chiropractic care can be one of the most beneficial paths to choose for your neck discomfort.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is among the most popular and successful treatments provided by a chiropractor. Hands-on manipulation or “adjustments” are performed by applying a controlled and specific force to your spine. This force is applied by hand to improve the misalignment of your vertebrae, which is likely the reason for your discomfort.

Manual modifications are incredibly beneficial, especially when it comes to alleviating neck pain. In fact, numerous research studies have revealed that chiropractic realignments are equally effective at dealing with neck ache as medication. Also, it’s a very economical option, given that it does not need any unique equipment.

Bodywork Methods (Structural Integration)

Structural Integration is another hands-on technique that’s applied to deal with neck ache, but it also helps restore ordinary physical function and enhances your posture and alignment, which will help avoid pain in the future. Structural Integration consists of using gentle pressure to your body to remedy misalignments and restore your natural posture and positioning.

It is demonstrated to help lessen neck discomfort, which is especially helpful if you spend a lot of time in front of a computer or with your head lowered.

While Structural Integration may be a prolonged treatment, it can be worthwhile, as it not only improves pain, but likewise avoids it from recurring. And because this is a manual technique, it’s completely natural, non-invasive, and drug-free, making it a safe option for those individuals with certain health conditions.


Acupuncture is a natural method that goes back thousands of years. It entails the insertion of really thin needles into pressure spots on your body, which helps release your body’s natural pain relievers.

Although acupuncture has actually been shown to be just as successful as standard pain-relieving medications, it has fewer negative side effects, making it a terrific natural option for individuals who wish to decrease their discomfort without taking prescription medicines. Plus, acupuncture is fairly inexpensive, so even people on a budget plan can enjoy its benefits.

Aside from reducing your discomfort, acupuncture has likewise been proven to reduce your swelling and improve your range of motion and overall flexibility. So, if you have been coping with pain that makes it tough to move your head and neck, acupuncture is a fantastic therapy for you.

Stretching and Strengthening Routines

Therapeutic exercise like strengthening and stretching your neck muscles can similarly help eliminate your pain. Extending your muscles will help to enhance flexibility in your neck, reducing your discomfort and likewise stopping it from coming back later on.

There are also a wide variety of strengthening workouts you can do at home, like yoga poses and Pilates exercises, that can help to alleviate your pain naturally. Your chiropractor can show you the most effective workouts to treat your neck pain successfully.

Why Chiropractic Treatment is One of The Most Effective Ways to Overcome Neck Discomfort

So, why should you pick a chiropractic treatment plan when it involves easing your neck discomfort?

To begin with, chiropractic care is a safe, natural kind of health care that’s been helping people ease their pain and get back to their regular lives for many years. It has a long, proven history of success!

Secondly, chiropractic therapy is totally natural and drug-free, unlike lots of other pain-relieving methods that depend on medicines and injections.

And though the exact mechanisms of how chiropractic treatment works are still being researched, it’s understood that this non-surgical procedure helps relieve your discomfort levels by increasing blood flow to the affected area, minimizing inflammation, re-aligning bones and muscles, and even causing your body to dispense its own natural painkillers!

Final Thoughts

Chiropractic treatment is a non-invasive, natural way to treat your discomfort that’s been proven to be equally as effective as traditional treatments in treating neck pain, without adverse effects. It is likewise a fairly affordable option that does not need any unique equipment.

So, if you’ve been dealing with neck discomfort, make sure to check out a chiropractor and get going towards living a pain-free life.

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