Sina Hasheminejad

Resident Physiotherapist

Resident Physiotherapist

Sina is a passionate and dedicated Physiotherapy Resident with a diverse educational background and a commitment to providing excellent patient care. He holds a Master of Science in Physiotherapy from Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland. He refined his skills and knowledge in the field of physiotherapy, specializing in musculoskeletal conditions, orthopedic post-operation and sports related rehabilitation. Before moving back to Canada, Sina worked as a Physiotherapist in the United Kingdom for two years.

With a strong foundation laid during his undergraduate years, Sina earned a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Health Sciences from York University. This academic journey equipped him with a solid understanding of human movement and biomechanics which has helped to form his drive for excellence in physiotherapy.

Beyond his academic pursuits, Sina’s zest for life extends to his love for travel, exploring different corners of the world and immersing himself in diverse cultures. When not in the clinic, you might find him on a basketball court, showcasing his skills and passion for the sport. Family holds a special place in Sina’s heart, and he values quality time spent with loved ones.

Sina’s professional ethos revolves around the unwavering commitment to delivering the best quality care for his patients. His approach is patient-centered, emphasizing individualized treatment plans and empowering patients to actively participate in their recovery. Sina’s genuine care and enthusiasm for his work contribute to creating a positive and supportive environment for those under his care.

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