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    Vishal Patel is a registered physiotherapist in good standing with the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario, Canada. After completing his bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy from India in 2008, he worked in orthopedic and spine surgery hospital as a clinical physiotherapist. Believing strongly in continuing education, he went to England in 2009 to pursue his master’s degree from Sheffield Hallam University, where he specialized in orthopedic physiotherapy field. While pursuing post graduate studies, he developed thorough knowledge in evidence-based practice and importance of research into routine clinical practice. He strongly believes in hands on approach and uses variety of manual therapy skills including joint mobilizations, soft tissue release, cupping therapy, exercises prescription while rendering physiotherapy treatment to his patients. His clinical expertise includes treating various musculoskeletal conditions, pre & post-operative orthopedic surgeries and sports related injuries, TMJ dysfunctions and concussion rehabilitation. He is rostered with The College of Physiotherapists of Ontario to perform acupuncture and dry needling. As a part of continuous professional development, he is planning to take on courses on orthopedic manipulative techniques, and vestibular rehabilitation to further enhance his skills.

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