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Optimize Performance With Pre-Hab!

Pre-Habilitation Woodbridge, Vaughan
And Surrounding Areas

When it comes to being an athlete, there is no greater necessity than staying at peak physical function. Unfortunately, the nature of most sports makes it difficult to avoid injury. That’s where pre-habilitation comes in.

Fight Injuries Before They Occur With Pre-Habilitation In Vaughan And Woodbridge

As the name implies, pre-habilitation services at Full Function Rehab & Wellness don’t just help athletes recover from their injuries faster; these services also provide a host of pre-emptive benefits, like:

  • Decreasing pain from overuse or prior injury
  • Expanding upon bodily limitations
  • Preventing the recurrence of injury
  • Making athletes generally more effective at their sports

We understand just how much it means to athletes that they get as much playing time as possible, which is why the Full Function team takes the time to listen to your individual concerns when you approach us for pre-habilitation services.

When you take the time to work with our pre-habilitation specialists, we do everything possible to ensure that you spend more time on the court or field, and less time on the bench. Consider pre-habilitation a sort of in-depth and scientific form of conditioning.


This service is often used in conjunction with our Sports Injury Physiotherapy offering; once you’ve been hurt playing your sport, it’s unfortunately more likely that you’ll experience an injury again. Luckily, pre-habilitation can allow you to prevent that from happening when you adopt the regimen and engage in a routine designed specifically for you.

Don’t put yourself through the rehab process only to wind up back in the office a few months later because you didn’t spend the extra time protecting your body against the wear and tear of returning to your favourite sport. Pre-habilitation at Full Function will save you pain and frustration in the long run.

Starting Out On Your Pre-Habilitation Journey

How Pre-Habilitation Helps Athletes Perform Their Best

Sports media enthusiasts have probably already heard of pre-habilitation due to the fact that it’s recently gotten so much attention in this arena from elite athletes. While you might be intrigued by the idea of pre-habilitation, there’s a good chance you don’t exactly know what it is, or how it works.

The logic behind pre-habilitation is quite sound—it focuses on four core concepts: improving proprioception (balance and coordination), amping up core strength, magnifying explosiveness, and increasing cardiovascular endurance.

These aims are achieved through a number of different techniques, each of which is administered in the safety of a clinical setting by professionals who have trained extensively in the field.

If you’re an athlete, you already know how important each of these factors is in your overall sports performance. You might be wondering, are these services only appropriate for elite athletes? The answer is a resounding “No.” Even if you’re only beginning to dabble in your sport of choice (especially if you’re only beginning to dabble, in fact), pre-habilitation can be an absolute game-changer.

So, what can you expect once you dive into pre-habilitation? Recovery times will be reduced significantly, and instances of injury will also be cut down. Essentially, you’ll be preparing your body to undergo the stress inherent to virtually every sport when you take the time to explore pre-habilitation.


Starting Out on Your Pre-Habilitation Journey

Don’t allow your physical performance to decline due to issues like:

  • Ongoing pain from an old injury
  • Repeated injuries that could be prevented
  • Lack of coordination and balance
  • Chronic knee pain 

Instead, take control of your athletic performance with our pre-habilitation service located right here in Vaughan and Woodbridge—reach out to Full Function Rehab & Wellness and let’s discuss your path toward improving your performance and increasing functional capacity.

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