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Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Woodbridge, Vaughan And Surrounding Areas

Go from feeling constantly worried and anxious about your pelvic health issues, to forgetting you even had them!

Where some clinics might just provide physiotherapy options, our physiotherapists focus on pelvic health techniques that offer patients:

  • Short and long-term pain relief
  • One-to-one care with a heavy focus on gaining pain-free mobility and improved function
  • Progression towards your long-term health goals

Pelvic Health Physiotherapy Treatment Plans That Makes A Real Difference

We know that no person is an island, so our team works together with you to create a pelvic health treatment plan that truly fits the needs of each individual patient.

Beyond the fact that we prescribe therapeutic exercises, especially for the patient and their injuries, we respect our patients too much to make them wait weeks for an appointment or to spend hours in the waiting room once they're here. In fact, many times we are able to schedule appointments for the same day.

Once you begin your pelvic health physiotherapy journey with Full Function Rehab & Wellness, we'll start the process by completing an assessment. That way, our team will be able to explain the manual therapy treatments that can benefit your situation.

If you're not quite sure that pelvic health physiotherapy can be of use to you, we offer a complimentary consultation to explain the pelvic health physiotherapy in Woodbridge that we offer and the benefits that they provide for patients. Best of all, physiotherapy is covered by most insurance providers.

The Many Benefits Of Pelvic Health Physiotherapy Treatment In Woodbridge

Can Our Pelvic Health Program Help You?

If you live with any of the following common problems, you may benefit from our pelvic floor program (however there are many more):


Hip and Back pain

Chronic Pelvic Pain

Pain in or around the pelvic region for more than three months.

Abdominal separation

Abdominal Separation

Post-partum and post- surgery separation of your abdominal muscles that persists longer than 8 weeks after giving birth or surgery. Diastasis Recti treatment.

Urinary leakages


Leakage of urine with coughing, sneezing or jumping that cannot be controlled.

Urinary Leakage

Urinary Urgency

A compelling urge to urinate that may be difficult to control.


Pain During Intercourse

Pain during sex / intercourse making the act unpleasurable

Bladder prolapse

Prolapse Organs

A fallen bladder, rectum or uterine / pelvic organs that have "fallen" leading to other issues


Pre and Post Natal Care

Decrease pain and increase muscle strength pre and post pregnancy. Diastasis Recti dysfunction treatment



Help with muscle spasms and tightening of the colon to reduce symptoms.

Menstrual cramps

Menstrual Cramps

Help reduce cramps, soreness and intensity / duration.

Other Common Conditions Include:

  • Dribbling when you cough, sneeze, or laugh
  • Unable to put in a tampon, have penetrative intercourse, unable to have a PAP smear
  • Pelvic pain as a result of radiation, cancer, prostatitis, or any other medical condition leading to pain in the pelvis and hips
  • Pregnancy pain and/or support and education for birthing and pain relief positions, including with partners
  • Stress incontinence in sports: dribbling when lifting weights, jumping, running, or completing other athletic activities
  • Management of scars and tissue healing after episiotomies and cesarian sections
  • Pelvic floor dysfunction and other pelvic health disorders.

Our Pelvic Program Uses a wide range of Treatment Techniques To Get Results.

Hands on manual therapy

Hands on Manual Therapy

The latest hands-on techniques to release trigger points, muscle tightness and joint stiffness in the low back, hips and pelvis that may be contributing to your problem.

Exercise programs

Exercise Programs

An individualized exercise program may include breathing exercises, postural exercises, stretching, and strengthening for the pelvic floor, core, low back and hips.

Physio exercises

Pelvic Floor Muscle Retraining

Biofeedback and breathing techniques help retrain weak, dysfunctional or tight pelvic floor muscles. You learn how to use the pelvic floor muscles more effectively, which can help improve incontinence and pain.

Pelvis education

Education About Your Problem

Knowledge is power! Understanding your condition helps you take control of your problem and is vital to your recovery.

Prego treatment

Other Treatments to Relieve Pain

This may include the use of heat, cold, trans-electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), guided imagery, breathing and relaxation techniques.

On Your First Pelvic Physiotherapy Visit... 

On your first visit to Full Function Rehab & Wellness, we will take a full medical history and discuss with you your specific symptoms, problems and treatment goals.

With your consent, your pelvic health physiotherapist will complete a physical assessment of the muscles, joints and tissues of the pelvic floor, hips and low back. This may include internal and external examinations to identify the affected tissues that may be contributing to your urinary, bowel or pelvic pain symptoms.

Your initial visit takes approximately 50 minutes which includes a comprehensive health history and will provide plenty of time for questions to ensure you have a good understanding of your condition and your treatment plan.

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