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Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Treatment Woodbridge, Vaughan and Surrounding Areas

Insurance Covered Treatment

It’s the last thing anyone wants to experience when they’re simply trying to get from point A to point B. You’re driving to work in the morning, or returning home from the grocery store, and then bam—your life is changed forever by a motor vehicle accident.


At Full Function Rehab & Wellness, we understand that a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) can feel like a massive setback in your life, particularly if you were injured in the crash.


With the right treatment program following your motor vehicle accident in Vaughan or Woodbridge, you can be back on your feet in no time, though. Some of the options that might benefit you in this situation include:

  • Chiropractor services to treat whiplash and misalignment
  • Physiotherapy services to rehabilitate injuries
  • Concussion Rehabilitation


No two situations are exactly alike, so we take the time to listen to the particular symptoms you’ve been experiencing as a result of your MVA and draw on our wide range of services and expertise to create a treatment plan that addresses your concerns fully.

What You Can Expect When You Call Us

When you first contact us about receiving treatment as a result of an accident, you’ll be set up with a consultation to meet with one of our rehabilitation professionals. At that point, we will work to understand your injuries and develop a plan of care that makes sense for you. We will also provide you with a realistic outlook and timeline, so you know exactly what to expect as a result of your treatments with Full Function Rehabilitation.


The impacts of a motor vehicle accident can be emotionally jarring in addition to being physically painful, so we’re especially careful to treat you with compassion and patience during this trying moment of your life.


We know that the last thing you want to do is suffer unnecessarily, so we make it easy to book an appointment quickly, and we won’t keep you waiting once you arrive.

MVA Woodbridge Vaughan

MVA Clinic in Vaughan or Woodbridge

You may be wondering exactly what type of treatment you should expect after a car accident. Because every body and every situation is different, there’s no real standard for what care is appropriate following a motor vehicle accident. If injuries were severe, a process of rehabilitation and physiotherapy might be in order. On the other hand, chiropractic care might be the right path to deal with the resulting whiplash and misalignment.


No matter what particular treatments your situation requires, you can trust that Dr. Caruana and our team of healthcare professionals will take the time to understand the best treatment plan for you as an individual.


What if your injuries aren’t immediately evident, though? The frustrating thing about injuries resulting from a car accident is that they are often unseen. Many times, a person might look okay from the outside after experiencing an accident, but their musculoskeletal system will have been thrown into disarray. This is why it’s so critical that you are assessed by a professional who’s well-versed in a number of different fields.


At Full Function Rehabilitation & Wellness, we understand the specific challenges of dealing with the aftermath that follows a motor vehicle accident, and we understand the best ways to treat the injuries that result from these events.


Best of all, the MVA treatments that you need to receive as a result of your accident should be covered by your auto insurance company, so you don’t have to worry about the stress of taking on a greater financial burden. We’ll work with you to understand your injuries as well as your options, so you can take comfort in working with a team that genuinely cares about you.


If you’re looking for a clinic that specializes in MVA treatments, look no further than Full Function Rehabilitation & Wellness. We also offer a wide range of rehabilitation services like manual therapy, chiropractic treatment, massage therapy and naturopathic medicine for chronic diseases and other common conditions like:

  • Sports Injuries
  • Neck pain and Joint pain
  • Chronic conditions that affect daily activities
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Rotator cuff injury
  • Knee pain and Shoulder pain
  • Chronic pain


Our team of health care providers is dedicated to helping you get back on your feet as quickly and safely as possible while preventing future injuries. Contact us today to learn more about how we can improve your physical function and help you recover.

Areas We Serve:

Our patients come from all across Vaughan including:


You’ve already been through enough, don’t make yourself suffer with pain and discomfort resulting from your injury any longer than you have to. The road to recovery can be as simple as:


  • Making the choice to work with Full Function Rehabilitation & Wellness
  • Booking an appointment
  • Undergoing your initial consultation 
  • Receiving a custom treatment plan to get you feeling back to normal as soon as possible

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...I Fully Recommend Seeing Dr. Joe and His Amazing Team...

The team at Full Function has helped me through every single injury I’ve gone through for the past 4 years, which sounds like a bit of an understatement to me! As a small business owner, it’s extremely important for me to be able to put in a full day everyday and lead by example to my employees and sub contractors. From regular maintenance check ups to the more injury focused repairs, there’s nobody else I would trust with maintaining my body!

I can’t explain how great my experience has been with but all I can say here is I fully recommend seeing Dr. Joe and the rest of his amazing team!

Michael Belley
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...found the perfect place...

I went to Full Function after my ACL surgery looking for somewhere to guide me through the rehab process and found the perfect place. Danette Lam was the Physiotherapist who worked with me and she was fantastic, helping me select and prioritize exercises and creating a program that helped me rehab my knee without any setbacks. I would highly recommend her for anyone going through something similar.

Mark Barbetta
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...excellent treatment plans for our needs...

Have been with this clinic for number of years now for both myself and my family... wonderful services, clear understanding and excellent treatment plans for all our needs! Highly recommend to anybody looking for progressive and relevant treatments! Thanks DJ and team!

Amedeo Tritto
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