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Kinesiology Tape in Woodbridge

And Vaughan

Sometimes the human body needs a little help from outside sources to function as well as you’d like for it to, particularly if you engage in strenuous activity. Kinesiology tape isn’t an especially complex device, but it can offer a shockingly high level of assistance with certain ailments. 

Some of the potential side effects of using kinesiology tape include: 

  • Offering support to painful muscles
  • Taking some pressure off of joints 
  • Preventing further pain and swelling
  • Removing any blockage that obstructs the flow of blood and other fluids

At Full Function Rehab & Wellness, we do our best to help patients understand precisely the function of the devices we recommend.

We won’t just sell you kinesiology tape, we’ll explain exactly why it is effective at improving your range of motion and even show you how the tape is wrapped. 

kinesiology tape woodbridge vaughan

Our kinesiology tape is exactly what it sounds like—a strip of tape that is applied directly to the skin. This tape is meant to be worn for several days (in the range of 3 to 5). It’s waterproof, non-irritating, and non-restrictive so you don’t have to worry about your range of motion being impacted during wear. 

What truly sets this tape apart is the fact that its elasticity and support mirrors that of human skin. There’s nothing strictly medicinal in the properties of kinesiology tape, aside from its form. That is to say, the blend of cotton and nylon present in kinesiology tape is entirely responsible for the benefits that it offers. 

The tape’s combination of strength and stretchiness means that when it is applied to the body, it gently lifts the skin; this creates a very small space between the skin and the tissue below, which allows for the reduction of swelling and increased circulation. 

Deciding That Kinesiology Tape in Vaughan and Woodbridge Is Right for You

Whether you’re an athlete that experiences pervasive pain or swelling due to repetitive motion, or simply someone who has noticed consistent issues with pain and circulation that could be remedied with something simple, you might be interested in exploring the use of kinesiology tape. 

Just what science is there that backs up the use of this tape, though, and is there any assurance that it will positively impact your lifestyle? While many studies into kinesiology tape are relatively recent, the verdict is clear; this product is effective in:

  • Helping to treat injuries
  • Supporting weak areas of the body
  • Improving athletic performance
  • Re-educating muscles following injury

What exactly does all of that translate to? Whether you just want a little extra boost when you run your next 5K or are suffering from consistent pain related to an injury or surgery, kinesiology tape is a non-invasive yet highly effective way to reduce painful side effects. 

The bottom line is that there are few treatments as simple as kinesiology tape, yet it can still prove incredibly helpful, even for those who have tried other remedies in the past. It’s time to learn about this unusual treatment if you’re experiencing any of the following:

Perhaps you’re hesitant to undergo treatment if you don’t think you’ve actually experienced a traumatic injury, or can justify the time expenditure. If that’s the case, kinesiology tape could be the perfect answer to your problems. 

Whether you’re simply looking for more information about this treatment or you’re ready to give it a try and improve your lifestyle, contact the Full Function Rehab & Wellness team for more information, or simply make a trip in to the clinic and purchase your own today.

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