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Joint Braces Woodbridge & Vaughan

Shoulder Brace
Elbow Brace

Full Function offers a wide range of joint braces that provide either rigid or flexible structural support for daily activities or sport performance. All joint braces are measured to order ensuring accurate fit and optimal performance.

We carry joint braces for all joint: Ankle Joint, Knee Joint, Hip Joint, Wrist Joint, Elbow Joint, Shoulder Joint, Patella, Thigh, Back and Hand can all be supported with braces.

Joint Braces come in all shapes, sizes and brands. The size of your body and the type of support needed will determine which joint brace is more beneficial for you!

With a Medical Doctor Prescription your joint brace may be covered by your insurance, so bring your prescriptions to our clinic.

If your looking for a professional Joint Brace then Full Function is your source. Call our clinic located in Woodbridge, Vaughan and get a Complimentary Consultation with Dr. Caruana to get fitted for the right Joint Brace.

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