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  • stimtec neo tens/ems/ifc machine

    StimTec Neo TENS/EMS/IFC Machine


    The StimTec Neo is the perfect solution that brings electrotherapy anywhere you need it. There are 40 Programs to choose from which makes it easy to get started and get effective treatment. The unit features a lock button to avoid accidental changes to your program and the last program used is locked into the memory memory. The lithium rechargeable battery with low battery indicator lets you know when you need more juice. This is a great treatment option for acute and chronic pain. Unit can be used with the USB cable if the battery is low.

  • stimtec target tens & ems

    StimTec Target TENS & EMS


    The StimTec Target is user friendly and effective.  Toggle to the body part, set acute or chronic and the Target Treatments are preset for you. User friendly instruction guide shows exactly where electrodes should be placed for each part of the body. The flip cover protects any buttons from being accidentally pushed and button locks program settings even if the battery is removed!

  • auto draft

    TENS 3000 Dual Channel Analog TENS Unit


    TENS 3000 is the quick and easy TENS machine. Has manual settings that can be adjusted with 2 different channels.

  • trumedic tens unit electronic pulse massager

    Trumedic TENS Unit Electronic Pulse Massager


    TENS electronic pulse massager is ideal for first time TENS users. Whether you have minor aches and pains or are just searching for something to help your muscles relax, this affordable, easy-to-use device is perfect for you.