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Physiotherapy Kleinburg, Vaughan

At Full Function Rehab & Wellness Kleinburg branch, we provide rehabilitation services to help you improve your function and mobility as well as prevent injuries. We also have experts in physiotherapy, massage therapy, chiropractic care who are experienced in treating various ailments including arthritis or osteoporosis. Do you need treatment for these conditions? Our trained professionals will be happy to help!

Benefits of Physiotherapy Services

The benefits of our physiotherapy services include the fact that it can help everyone, regardless of their current condition. While this may be common during rehabilitation for a chronic illness or injury, we offer many other useful perks for your body: to ensure more movement and an active life with reduced pain. In addition, athletes also use our service as preventative treatment- it helps heal injuries faster so they don't get aggravated!

Some of the benefits of physiotherapy include:

  • Decreased pain
  • Improved joint mobility
  • Improved coordination
  • Enhanced strength
  • Cardiopulmonary and cardiac functions are improved
  • Improvement of cognitive function in stroke patients
  • Reduces the risk of falling
  • Osteoarthritis and arthritis relief
  • The most effective treatment for plantar fasciitis and other painful foot conditions
  • Enhancing post-operative healing
  • Prevention of injuries
  • Enhances tissue healing after sprains and injuries

Our Physiotherapy Treatments in Kleinburg

Our team of professionals is committed to helping people in the Kleinburg community with a variety of healthcare issues, like back pain and neck strain. You may not know that we also sell braces and other medical products designed specifically for you! Your happiness and satisfaction are our number one priority at Full Function Rehab & Wellness Kleinburg- because it's what will keep you healthy. 

Our staff is always happy to work with you as they understand your needs, answer any questions related to insurance or workplace injuries, or even provide consultations free-of-charge. We're here for everything so book an appointment today!

Driving Directions:

From Kleinburg via Islington Ave/York Regional Rd 17 and Rutherford Rd/York Regional Rd 73

Head southeast on Islington Ave toward Bindertwine Blvd. Turn left onto Rutherford Rd/York Regional Rd 73. Turn right onto Weston Rd/York Regional Rd 56. Turn left onto Crestmount Blvd. Turn left and you will arrive at Full Function Rehab & Wellness.

Areas We Serve:

Our patients come from all across Vaughan including:


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