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Compression Stockings - Woodbridge Vaughan

sports compression socks

Custom Measured Compression Stockings

Full Function compression stockings are specialized hosiery designed and custom measured.

We create the perfect fit to reduce and help prevent against the progression of serious venous disorders.

Our compression socks also help protect your legs and increase blood flow back to your heart.

Prevent Serious Venous Disorders

If you live with a venous disorder, our compression stockings can help prevent varicose veins, edema and thrombosis from developing further in your legs.

At Full Function Rehab & Wellness in Woodbridge Vaughan, we carry Compression Stockings from a trusted brand name - Bauerfeind, and comes in multiple colours, thickness and lengths for both genders.

They are comfortable hosiery that can be worn every day, while on a plane or even during sport competition.

Insurance Covered. Warranty Backed.

Our Compression stockings are covered by most insurance companies, and offer a strong warranty.

Give us a call today to book a consultation and get your perfectly fitted compression stockings today.

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