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With the warm weather behind us and everybody gearing up for winter in the Great White North, we can look forward to winter sports that we can only take advantage of when there is snow on the ground. But like any other sports we participate in, injuries can occur. Getting a diagnosis and getting treatment as soon as possible will be beneficial to get you back to your sport of choice.

One relatively common injury that can happen to downhill skiers is Ulnar Collateral Ligament Sprain of the Thumb or more commonly known as Skier’s Thumb. This injury occurs when there is a hard force on the thumb that pulls the thumb away from the hand which causes damage to the ligament located on the inside of the thumb. The most common way for this injury to occur is to fall on your hand while holding the ski pole and the thumb getting bent back.

When this ligament is torn, it joint becomes very unstable especially when bending the thumb back. Some symptoms you may experience are painful and swollen joint between your thumb and your palm. There may be bruising or discolouration along the inside of your thumb and you may have difficult with holding or squeezing things between your thumb or index finger.

Depending on the degree of the sprain, treatment may include immobilization in a cast and then progress to soft tissue therapy and exercise therapy to regain strength to that ligament. If the sprain is severe or if there is rupture of the ligament from the bone, surgery is the only option to treat this injury.

If you’re experiencing symptoms of Skier’s Thumb come in to see the therapists at Full Function Rehab and Wellness in Woodbridge Vaughan and let us help you get back to the sports you love.

Written By: Dr. Anne Trinh, DC

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