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Massage Therapy

3 Reasons to Consider Massage Therapy for Anxiety Relief

Did you know that massage therapy is one of the most effective ways to relieve anxiety? Did you know that it can help reduce stress and tension while promoting relaxation and rest? It’s true. Massage therapy has shown to be effective in treating a variety of disorders and conditions. This blog post lists the three…

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Massage Therapy: A Short Guide To A Great Experience

Do you ever feel like you could use a little stress relief? Is tension settling in your neck and shoulders, or does your lower back feel like it’s being pulled in two different directions? Or do your hips and legs feel like they’re on permanent call? If so, you’re not alone.  Stress is a part…

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Hockey and IT Band Syndrome

As the days start getting shorter and the weather starts to get colder, we realize this is when hockey season starts. As players start to gather their equipment from last year, they may have not been as active as they would like over the spring and summer months.  This may cause muscular imbalances that will…

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Decrease Your Stress for the Holidays

Let’s face it, as happy, joyous and exciting the Christmas holiday season is stress seems to creep its way in as well. Whether it is from trying to find the perfect gifts for loved ones, hosting and cooking big holiday feasts, or even if it is just from the end of the year coming up,…

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